dubs iWidget essenza31 - stBar

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dubs iWidget essenza31 - stBar

Credit for Scripts - jeeepers7 {J3T}, He has worked hard to integrate IS2 elements in the base scripts. All credits to him. W/Icons : +Zaibun Alexander      Widget Inspiration : +Steven Bray  Wall +Marco P.
Thanks to dexter for beautiful essenza, AE by Bulldog5278

Install Infostats2 for StatusBar Cell, WiFi Signals & Battery from Matchstic Repo : infostats2.incendo.ws.

Get weather code in Config.js from [url]www.weather.com[/url].

The iWidget is on manual scale and not autoscale.

Viewport at top of Widget.html is currently set to "1.3" (i6s+), scale down to "1" for i5 and "1.18" for i6.




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